It only took two years to write a second entry…..

As I should have known, it took me two years to 1) remember I started this blog and 2) felt any desire to write something when I rediscovered it. My husband has been harping on me to “find a hobby” (doesn’t he know saving the world one rescue pet at a time is a hobby?!) and “stay busy” while he’s off on rotations. Yes dear, because running a house, caring for five pets, working 40+ hours a week, and trying to stay sane isn’t enough to stay busy. Oh to be a man and have a one track mind. Anyway, I’m promising him (and myself) that this blog will get up and running again. Even if no one reads it, it’s an outlet to express my feelings on this med school journey because, for those who are curious, it sucks in about as many ways as it is awesome. It’s a known fact women like to talk. Here is my talking for those who have a desire to listen. Stay tuned! DSC_0710