Is it Really the Middle of the Weekend Already?

When work ended at 4:45 yesterday, you best believe I bolted out the door. Not that I don’t enjoy my job (I really do 80% of the time; I’m very fortunate), but after a week of phone calls, constant emails, meetings, and reading medical records for hours, the 48 hour weekends can’t come soon enough. I came home to some very happy puppies and kitties (the joy they show daily is incredible, right?) and a husband who was home earlier than we thought he’d be from his Clinical Education Day. We immediately took the pups for a walk on WVSOM’s campus in the PERFECT 70 degree weather. Fall is coming, and I couldn’t be more excited!

After a dinner of DiGiorno frozen pizza (love lazy dinner nights), Matt gamed with some friends online while I sipped on a nice drink and lost brain cells watching beauty guru’s on YouTube. Those videos crack me up. There are a certain few I watch because I really do like their content and feel the products they promote are worth looking into. Others I admit I watch because I get sucked into them. I’m trying to find more minimalist/green living/eco beauty YouTubers to watch, so if you know any, please let me know. Matt and I then watched That 70’s Show until 11 or so, and I have to tell you that show is in my top 3 favorites for sure. How could you not love Kelso’s antics, Fez’s accent, and Kitty’s laugh? If I need a good laugh at the end of the day, one episode will do it for me.

Today was one of the best Saturday’s in a long time. After a morning stocking up on local goodies from the two farmer’s markets downtown, we spent some time taking cat photos at the Greenbrier Humane Society. We usually are with the dogs, but it’s hard to resist cute cat faces too. After a trip to Kroger, a relaxing dinner, and then a leisure walk with the pups, I attempted my first little sewing project on my sewing machine: Catnip toys. Let’s be honest: Sirius, Eris, and Harper don’t care that I didn’t have a clue what I was doing and their toys look like a 5 year old sewed them. They were playing like kittens again and I loved it.

I wish I would have taken photos last night and today documenting the much needed relaxation time, but alas, sometimes words are enough. Here’s to a good night’s sleep so I’m awake for apple picking tomorrow! 🙂



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