The Starlight Foundation

I look forward to my Fab Fit Fun box every season, and this winter box was no different; details here if you want more information on what I’m talking about. However, this box included a piece of jewelry supporting a charitable organization that I was actually interested in looking into for more information: The Starlight Foundation.


The Starlight Foundation, a nonprofit founded in 1982, seeks to improve hospital stays for young children and teenagers. Over 30 million children each year in the United States experience a long-term hospital stay due to a chronic, critical, or terminal illness. When you think about how scary the hospital can be for a short-term stay, the thought of a young child being there long term is devastating. I had an emergency appendectomy at age four, and I assure you Barney helped me get through the week I had to be without my mom and dad.

The Starlight Foundation is a top-rated nonprofit with Charity Navigator, GreatNonprofits, CharityWatch, and GuideStar. Out of every dollar received, 85 cents goes back into programs to benefit the children and teenagers in need. That figure is awesome compared to some other popular organizations that are more popular and well-known and only give a fraction of what they receive back into research and education. More than 800 hospitals are involved with the foundation and provide education, technology, and entertainment to help turn children’s fear into joy. Although they cannot make the pain go away (unfortunately), there are simple ways to make a child smile. An upcoming project in the works will be converting ugly hospital gowns (let’s be real…does anyone really look good in those things?) into colorful and fun robes for kids to wear. How awesome, right? If you would like more information, the link is below.

I had not even heard about this foundation until three hours ago, and I now I am so glad I did. Although my die-hard passion in life is animal rescue and advocacy, we all have to live for something. Some of these children are literally living in hospitals with an uncertainty of when they’re coming home. It is wonderful that programs like The Starlight Foundation exist!

*FabFitFun link is a referral code. I am not affiliated with them in any way.


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