The Beginning of the End

This is just a quick entry so I always have today’s events to remember. The days are winding down at work (two weeks left) and reality is setting in that my time there is ending. It’s hard to believe it was three years ago that I took my first application at DRS and felt like a bumbling clueless idiot. Well, today I took my last application with total confidence in my abilities as a Vocational Rehab Counselor, which is something I never thought I would be able to do. Matt also finished his rotations today, which means HE IS OFFICIALLY DONE WITH MEDICAL SCHOOL! Like me, he had no confidence when he started this wild ride four years ago. Today, he can ramble off diagnoses, symptoms, and treatment plans like it’s nobody’s business. Not to mention he’s decided on Neurology as a speciality, which is just plain awesome. Isn’t it funny how even the most confident person in the room once started off without knowing anything at all? It’s so easy to compare ourselves to others, especially when you’re considered a “professional” and expectations are set making it seem like you NEED to know everything. News flash: No one knows everything. I’m scared to death of starting a new job in a few months because I’ll have to start all over again. Matt will have to start over again. Starting over is hard. It will be okay because we’ve done it before, but we need to remember that in four months when we’re freaking out that we’re not learning things quick enough.

For real though, I cannot believe I can officially say Matt is done with medical school classes forever. As the wife who was brought out-of-state and into unfamiliar territory so he could do this, I must say I’m extremely proud of him. Here is a photo collage of him on the first day of each year of medical school: Top L-first year, Top R-second year, Bottom L-third year, and Bottom R-Fourth year. Graduation in 37 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!