About Me


Welcome to my corner of the internet! Five years ago, my husband (then fiancé) and I packed up our Pennsylvania lives and moved to West Virginia so he could begin medical school. Within a time span of five months, I graduated with a Master’s degree, moved to a different state, fell into the unknown of medical school, and got married. Talk about a wild ride! The four years living in West Virginia were filled with incredible memories that I’m so thankful I can hold onto and carry with me into residency life.

Matt’s decision to be a Neurologist brought us to the state of Ohio where we are spending the next four years as Midwesterners. If there’s one thing I’ve learned since moving here, it’s that while PA and WV have four seasons throughout the year, Ohio has four in one day. How will I handle four Ohio winters?!

I like to think we are pretty simple people with relatively basic interests. However, our marriage has been far from ordinary and I would love to share our journey with others. The ride to this point has been -and continues to be wild- but it’s also been quite wonderful. The On The Brush family looks forward to sharing these ongoing adventures with you!


The very best friends a girl could have.


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