About Me

Welcome to my humble little abode on the internet! I started this blog when my husband and I packed up our lives in 2014 and moved to West Virginia so he could start medical school. I realized very quickly that I need to stay busy or else I would go insane. Alas, On The Brush was born. Instead of saying On The Verge as in something is going to happen, I chose On The Brush as a metaphor for the canvas that we are currently creating together. We are now continuing this crazy journey while living in the midwest for his residency!

This blog is an outlet to share personal experiences, memories, and thoughts on all things beauty, skincare, and healthy living. You’ll be flooded with photos of my rescue pets and my husband because, let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to show off their favorite things in the world? There may be venting because life isn’t perfect, and I don’t want to give off the idea that mine is. The medical school journey is a difficult one, and it would be wonderful to experience it with other individuals who wear the same shoes at this point in their lives.

I look forward to seeing where life takes me and documenting it through stories and pictures. If you are into natural beauty, healthy living, lots and lots of pictures of my rescue pets, and stories of what it’s like on this crazy ride they call medical school, then this place is for you. Welcome to the On The Brush family!


My best friend, partner in crime, and future doctor!


The very best friends a girl could have.


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