Fall Time is Pie Time

When Matt and I went apple picking last week, we brought home over 5 pounds of apples. What’s a couple to do with so many apples? Bake a pie of course! Neither of us have ever baked a pie, so I turned to good old Pillsbury for advice; see link below for recipe. The only change we made was using raw cane sugar by instead of white sugar. Raw cane sugar (we use this one by Florida Crystals), although still having the same properties as regular sugar, is not bleached and over processed to make it white. As a bonus, Florida Crystals is sustainably sourced and made in the USA, so you can feel better knowing your purchase is not supporting unethical practices.

Now onto the good stuff! We set aside our entire afternoon to make this pie since 1) we have never done it before and 2) the recipe says to give it about three hours or so. We had a lot of fun making this pie and it came out DELICIOUS. With such cute company too, it was impossible to not enjoy our time together. Matt worked over 50 hours at the hospital last week, so it was a much needed afternoon of being together doing something different. Plus, we now have enough pie to have a piece for breakfast every day this week. Yum!