A Quick CVS Trip

When you think CVS, I bet low cost is not the first thing that comes to your mind. However, if the purchase is planned out right, I have found CVS to be more affordable than even a mainstream store like Walmart. CVS always send deals like 15% off, 32% off, 40% off, or even random extra bucks for no reason. When combined appropriately, your savings can really add up.

Tonight after small group, I realized Matt needed mouthwash and we both needed some probiotics. According to my Ibotta app, there was $3 back on the Culturelle 30-count tablets. I had a 40% off coupon in my email and the special this week was buy 1 30-count for $23.99 and get $7 extra bucks. I also had a $4 off $18 vitamin purchase. Together my probiotics were $12.89 (not including the $3 redeemed later) and because of my extracare card, I will get 2% back in extra bucks next quarter. The $7 extra bucks were used for a second order on the mouthwash, which was $9.89. I also had a 25% off coupon, which made my total $2.36. I have found that not all CVS’s let you split orders, but thankfully this one worked out. Lastly, I got $5 back on my Saving Star app for the Culturelle, which mean in all I paid $0.

I also noticed that Matt’s cereal is on sale 2/$4 and there is a $1 off coupon on my card right now. I also have a deal on my SavingStar app for $1/2 boxes of cereal, which means I could essentially pay $1 per box. Typically I find their food items way overpriced, but at $1 a box, that’s a stockup deal, especially since I know Matt will eat it all before it expires. This is just one small example how thinking ahead can save you some money. Trying to figure out the best deals can seem very overwhelming and time consuming (don’t get me wrong: sometimes it is), but a quick trip like tonight’s will help us out in the long run. The mouthwash will last months, so I know I won’t need to buy a full-price bottle in the meantime. I’m fairly positive I’ll get another percent off coupon in the next 30 days, which at that point I can see the price of probiotics is then. The best advice I can give you is check the weekly ads and see if you have any coupons that could be used on top of it. I think you’ll be shocked at how much you can save!



Just a quick note to let you know that I decided to start selling my unworn and unwanted items on Poshmark, an online store where you can go through people’s “closets” and purchase items that are either brand new or gently used. I am constantly clearing out my closet, so I am sure I will be frequently adding to my online shop in the future. I enjoy thrifting and love showing others how awesome it can be!

Come shop with me!


*Some of the items available are shown below.


Wedges worn one time. Made in Italy. Size 7.5.


NWT American Eagle kick boot jeans, size 6.


Beautiful stretchy bracelet.


Two pairs H&M shorts, size 8.


Cargo highlighter. Brand new with packaging.

Outfit of the Week #3

Matt and I had our two year wedding anniversary photos taken this morning, and we couldn’t resist taking some photos when we got home. For any good picture, it’s important to color coordinate, not entirely match. If we both had worn plaid, it would have been too “busy” in the photos. Jeans are always a good option too, especially when boots are involved 🙂

Looking good doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Although Matt’s sweater is Banana Republic, a store we would never ever buy anything full-price from, he uses his Banana Republic credit card to earn points toward his purchases. I believe his sweater was under $20 when he bought it a year or so ago. The jeans were bought on clearance for $16. My shirt is from Factory Connection and cost $15. My American Eagle jeans were $20 and bought two winters ago during an after-Christmas sale. I was also wearing boots from TJ-Maxx, but don’t remember the price of them.


Sweater: Banana Republic. Jeans: American Eagle Outfitters


Shirt: Passport, sold at Factory Connection. Jeans: American Eagle Outfitters


Love fall, love him, love this adventure we’re on<3

Outfit of the Week #2

It may seem like a strange picture, but it was the best I could get this week. I wore this outfit to an art exhibition for work, and I must say, it was the comfiest thing I could have chosen for the two hour drive there and two hour drive back. You don’t need to spend a fortune to have cute outfits! My top is New York & Company (one the few pieces I actually bought new) from about five years ago. I remember it on the sale rack for $15 and couldn’t help but buy it. I’m pretty sure that is what started my obsession with stripes! The pants are ideal for those days I need to look professional, but don’t feel like wearing dress pants. I am unsure how to explain the material, but they are super soft. I never purchase Gap new, but these pants were $15 at Clothes Mentor. I couldn’t pass up that bargain! I paired this outfit with my favorite pair of B.O.C. sandals and some silver hoop earrings and I was good to go.